Monday, November 27, 2006


The title of the post seems odd, in light of the fact that our small friend is upstairs fighting sleep as we speak. She's so convinced she will miss something...I keep trying to reassure her that her father and I don't break out the juice boxes and Curious George while she's snoozing, but no luck.

Such a happy girl tonight (before bed, anyway). I keep thinking I need to record some of this stuff somewhere, before she leaves for college and I can't remember:

- She shows her feet to the cat. "See my feet, Jimmy? They're big and round."

- Then she picks up her baby, the one with the scary dead eyes and the scarier battery-powered laugh. She sings Rock-a-Bye-Baby to the baby as she swings it back and forth in her arms. But just as quickly as the sweetness bubbled up, she abruptly tosses the baby in the laundry basket we use as her toy box. Huh, baby. Done with you.

- Next she puts the stuffed Elmo under her blanket. "Good night, little Elmo. See you in the morning, I love you." Pats Elmo's back through the blanket.

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