Thursday, August 28, 2008


Frustrated with the knitting right now. It's not proving to be an effective stress reliever, as the blue beast only requires sewing seams (blah) and the gray Juliet may or may not need frogging. I think I may run out of the gray cashmerino, which ticks me off. Thus, not helpful.

Maybe I'll just knit some tiny hats or something.

Fall Start Numbers

Days I worked last week: 6
Students who attended orientation at each campus: 50 (not good)
Accountability meetings per week: 2 (per campus)
Days I locked Lou and myself out of the house: 1
Meals eaten (by me) per day: 2.5
Nights I could not sleep and so watched the convention coverage: 3
Speeches that made me cry: 2
Stories I read to Lou tonight: 3
Weird work-related dreams this week: 3
Weird non-work-related dreams this week: 1
Flower beds in desperate need of weeding: 2
Loads of laundry done: 5 (good!)
Personal calls made: 0

Total hours worked this week (by 4:30 tomorrow): 50
Days off after that: 3!!
Loveys to spend time with this weekend: at least 2

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I like to prowl my house early in the morning, with no one else awake. Things are not the same in the morning; the light settles in a different way as it streams in through our windows.

The best mornings of all are like today: the windows left open last night have let in a chill, an unseasonable edge to the air. The light coming in is not quite enough to make coffee, to write. I've had to light the semi-gloom with a lamp.

Today is still a book with an unbroken spine, full of blank pages. There is so much promise. Later there will be lunches to make, budgets to build, data to move, a child to read to and laundry to wash.

For now, there is the light, the air, and me.


no paperwork here
phone rings; there is no answer
time to call again

no transfer credits
files languish on the dean's desk
unhappy students