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It's been nice to see the sun over the past few days, and yesterday it got summer-hot just in time for the game. Whew! After lugging the bags and chairs and water bottles to and from the field, April and I have decided we need a golf cart. With a trailer.

Lou, Ella and Hayley
Heading out to the field to meet the other team
....and back to the bench.

We swung about 14 times before we hit...but it's teeball. No one strikes out in teeball.
No one gets out on base either. Everyone runs (or ambles) around the bases until 4 runs are scored. Which is fine, since most of the fielding done involves the ball moving away from the bases.

This may look familiar to some readers. Here stands the only fielder looking at the outfield rather than where the action is.
Pete said, "One day we're gonna look out there and she'll be reading a book."
Hmm. (This was actually after the game ended.)

So the jury is still out on teeball. She found fielding boring and wandered off the field twice. You know how it is with teeball- the ball doesn't go far, and everyone scrambles to grab it rather than staying in position. Lou got frustrated that the ball didn't come to her and just didn't want to tussle with the others for the ball. She cried a little. We wonder if she really just kind of likes the idea of teeball (I mean, there's a uniform and everything) but not the game. It's too soon to tell.

That's kind of the great thing about kids at this age, or at least Lou. There's this willingness to at least try things...and if it's not her thing, no harm done. There's so much out there for her to dig into, and I love that. She's already excited about tomorrow's practice and next week's game....I have to remember that open-heartedness the next time I hesitate to jump back into something that doesn't come easily to me.



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Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday afternoon

After work, and before visiting friends for dinner. Finally, some peace.

Watering the pansies
Budding lilacs
Mossy apple tree

Tomorrow morning: first teeball game. Planting more seeds and maybe some weeding. Later, off to a barbecue and bonfire....



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Outtakes from Thursday morning...

...or, in which I try not to go to work and fail. (I didn't try that hard.)

All that green and blue

I'm driving, I'm driving....hey, look! there's water over there. Let's stop.

One of the signs I never read, since it's not green and white and in my face as I stare ahead....
Not sure what this one means....towns in those directions? I liked how it looked.

Work is sadly no bueno again this week. I have pictures of teeball and gardening from the weekend but it's been insane here and I need sleep. I am psyched for Friday- I have hopes it will be a beautiful day and a calm, productive end to the week. I will rub the belly of the buddha who lives on my desk, and maybe I will be right!

In which our yard is glowing


April 22nd




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Things that are good about today:

1. Coffee. Oh yes.
2. The sun is shining. The drive down to Salem is so much more pleasant in the warm sun...
3. The new electronic ankle bracelet- er, Blackberry- is somewhat useful, in that I used it to take pictures at Ella's art show last night.
4. I have pictures from the art show....I just need to figure out how to get them and put them here!
5. It's Thursday already.
6. I am getting together with my friend Amy tonight...have not seen her since January (I think).
7. This means I will not be working late.
8. Tee ball Opening Day is this Saturday. Yay!

Okay, I am still not fully caffeinated, so that's the best I can do. Time to shake off the sleep and get ready to head out. More later, hopefully.....





Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am all about the couch and an early bedtime tonight...maybe tomorrow I will read some blogs or clean-something-for-gods-sake.....

Pete and Lou finished On the Banks of Plum Creek last night, so we started By the Shores of Silver Lake tonight, and wow. Starts off kinda sad. Mary loses her eyesight after a serious bout with scarlet fever. Pa goes away to work on the railroad, because they can't grow a crop in Minnesota due to grasshoppers. Jack the dog dies. Yikes. But then there's an exciting train ride, going to reunite with Pa, and the Lou just wants one more chapter. I love that. to wind down.

Central Avenue, 8:45


Monday, April 13, 2009

Blah Monday....but Easter pics!

Great weekend, tough re-entry. Nothing out of the ordinary, I just wasn't feeling the being at work today. I was sleepy this was chilly....and I forgot my camera....and also forgot to even snap a crappy cell pic. Thus the previous post. Yeah, I cheated. BUT it took me over 100 days. Not even I thought I would get that far!

We did lots of cleaning and organizing, largely in spaces that no one who doesn't live here will see....which is actually fine. General housecleaning? That can wait. (Notice a pattern?) Then on Sunday we had Easter with the Nasons- brunch up in NoBer and headed outside for some fresh air...much needed with all the rain lately.

Such a good day. Then Lou and I snuggled on the couch and read books while Pete prepared to bottle beer. After the bottling, we had this dinner:
Oven-fried chicken and veggies. Leftovers for lunch were the high point of my day prior to 5:00!

Now I am sleepy again, and I haven't touched my knitting in days, so I think I might put towels in the dryer and retire to the couch....or bed.....whichever. Tomorrow maybe I'll get my lazy self on the treadmill again before tumbling into Tuesday and whatever it may bring...