Thursday, April 23, 2009

Outtakes from Thursday morning...

...or, in which I try not to go to work and fail. (I didn't try that hard.)

All that green and blue

I'm driving, I'm driving....hey, look! there's water over there. Let's stop.

One of the signs I never read, since it's not green and white and in my face as I stare ahead....
Not sure what this one means....towns in those directions? I liked how it looked.

Work is sadly no bueno again this week. I have pictures of teeball and gardening from the weekend but it's been insane here and I need sleep. I am psyched for Friday- I have hopes it will be a beautiful day and a calm, productive end to the week. I will rub the belly of the buddha who lives on my desk, and maybe I will be right!

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