Sunday, April 26, 2009


It's been nice to see the sun over the past few days, and yesterday it got summer-hot just in time for the game. Whew! After lugging the bags and chairs and water bottles to and from the field, April and I have decided we need a golf cart. With a trailer.

Lou, Ella and Hayley
Heading out to the field to meet the other team
....and back to the bench.

We swung about 14 times before we hit...but it's teeball. No one strikes out in teeball.
No one gets out on base either. Everyone runs (or ambles) around the bases until 4 runs are scored. Which is fine, since most of the fielding done involves the ball moving away from the bases.

This may look familiar to some readers. Here stands the only fielder looking at the outfield rather than where the action is.
Pete said, "One day we're gonna look out there and she'll be reading a book."
Hmm. (This was actually after the game ended.)

So the jury is still out on teeball. She found fielding boring and wandered off the field twice. You know how it is with teeball- the ball doesn't go far, and everyone scrambles to grab it rather than staying in position. Lou got frustrated that the ball didn't come to her and just didn't want to tussle with the others for the ball. She cried a little. We wonder if she really just kind of likes the idea of teeball (I mean, there's a uniform and everything) but not the game. It's too soon to tell.

That's kind of the great thing about kids at this age, or at least Lou. There's this willingness to at least try things...and if it's not her thing, no harm done. There's so much out there for her to dig into, and I love that. She's already excited about tomorrow's practice and next week's game....I have to remember that open-heartedness the next time I hesitate to jump back into something that doesn't come easily to me.

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Pat said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun !!! Can't wait to see a game in a few weeks !...ang