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On the feet


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February 24th


Monday, February 23, 2009


It feels so late, although it isn't. It feels like a long day, although I have had longer. I have words and pictures, but right now the pull of my jammies and my bed is too strong. Tomorrow.

Sleep tight- I know I will!



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Oh, Friday!


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Fancy banana


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Pat, Angela and Emma came to visit us this weekend....they rolled in late Friday night and stayed till Sunday afternoon. We had a great time just hanging out, playing, eating, was the first time they've been able to come up since I can't-even-remember when!

Saturday morning- hungry girls wait for pink valentine pancakes
Wow, that's pink. Pepto Pink. But yummy.
Hanging out at the house....

Pete wearing the world's saddest oven mitts
Just before jammie time

Sunday morning

Later- so tired!

Another Monday.....


February 15th


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The Lou's class is having a Valentine's Day party tomorrow, except I think they call it a "Friendship Celebration" or something like that. So we signed up to bring a dozen sugar cookies. At the time I didn't figure on doing much to prepare 12 cookies for a Friday morning, other than to purchase a package at the Hannaford bakery.

Then I visited the bakery, and there were no cookies to be had. So I bought something resembling this:
Except, the sugar cookie kind.

As they cooked, they looked like melting ice cubes of cookie. Now they are a slightly squarish round.

I fully expect they might take my baking merit badge for this one.

February 12th


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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The shortest month of the year seems to take the longest to pass.....we are in the middle of a slightly warmer and less snowy time, which I refuse to get used to. As soon as I fool myself that spring is around the corner we will get eleventy-million inches of snow which will need to be moved and driven around in. Ick.

Since I'm not a fan of the highest of all Hallmark Holy Days, what's February good for? Well, two of my favorite people have birthdays this month. That's exciting. Emma is 7 now, which is amazing and wonderful....and the end of the month brings Pat just that much closer to 30. HA!

What else? Hmm. A gray day every now and then can still have its charm:

Look at that sky....

And sometimes, there's a bit of sun:
See? See it there?

And then, there might be enough sun that the sky might be blue. And some melting might happen:
Of course, there's always this silly girl:

And....cold-weather cooking! Although this week I didn't really plan properly, last week I cooked a lot, and we ate well all week. I made broccoli soba noodles, and we cooked chicken in the cast-iron grill pan. I also made Fusilli alla Crazy Bastard from the January issue of Food and Wine. Beet greens, garlic, oven-roasted tomatoes and goat cheese, topped with toasted walnuts and parmesan....yum yum yum. I heart Mario Batali (although not this newest PBS series he's got going on) and his cronies. And I think I see some oven-fried chicken in our future, maybe with mashed sweet potato/red potato.

The knitting, I am somewhat stalled on. Truthfully, I have been too tired to knit, which is like saying I am too tired to breathe or read. I managed a new hat for Emma on the round-trip to CT this weekend, but I still have not sewed the seam or taken its picture. It looks like the last one, or like a larger version of the hat in this picture:

Maybe I will get motivated tomorrow. It is LOST night....and simple knitting is good for TV watching.

Upstairs this morning


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Emma's birthday

Yesterday was Emma's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, so we headed down for the fun. You will note the presence of two Steves outside of their normal habitat. Please also observe the Lou- it was her first exposure to the home of "that rat"....she enjoyed collecting tickets and trying to get away from me and Pete!

On the way to Memere and Poppa's

At the party...Pete, Steve and Pat

Poppa, looking suspicious
The infamous mouse himself


Oooh, tokens......

And later, it was time for sleep.