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The Dirt Chronicles continued

I finally made it out to do some weeding on Sunday. I really hate weeding, and I hadn't attempted any at all in a few weeks. Charlotte helped for a while, pronounced "this is boring" and wandered off to ride her bike. Yeah, no kidding. If I mulched maybe I wouldn't have so much grass to pull, but the smell of bark mulch really bugs me and now I guess I have a mental block against it. Probably going to look into alternative mulch though, because I think I hate weeding more than I hate sewing seams in my knitting.
For a while I also tried to take pictures of this blue jay that thinks he owns my yard....but while he's not afraid to hang out looking for his breakfast while we're outside doing stuff, he seems to have a radar for my camera. I'll get him sooner or later. This afternoon he was hopping along the picnic bench, bold as hell, then off around my raised beds....all this while I was inside the house.

Pete planted the raspberry bushes for me Sunday afternoon....while I napped. Yeah, trying to get your kidlet to nap, only to succeed in getting drowsy during Pippi Longstocking and dozing off is sort of sad. But the catnap was not a bad thing.

He also got the smoker ready to go.....but more on that later.

Shower pictures

The crowd
Auntie Susie and Grandma!
The Bride. Awww.
Two Auntie Bonnies and a Mom.
This is Tina's lunch. "You're taking a picture of my food?!?" Yup.

And now, we stare at you while you open presents.
Haha! Auntie Martha! She claims to have an equally flattering picture of me. I guess we'll see.
This is the part where everyone wears the shower cap. It was for Dave, I swear.

Very excited now for August 1st....

Holiday weekend

12 great things from this weekend:

1. Golick's for ice cream Friday night. I mean, really. You have to start it off right.
2. Catching up with family and celebrating Emily's upcoming marriage. Good times.
3. Visiting with the Warrs at's kind of tradition now that we see them most every holiday weekend. Just happens that way.
4. Marveling at how much our last batch of seeds have really taken off....soon we can add to the sweet peas and nasturtium in the raised bed under the maple tree. AND we can plant the excited for that. And tomatoes! Yeah!
5. Drinks under the maple. Ahhh.
6. Soaking up the sunshine.
7. Cooking. Turkey burgers, caprese salad, pancakes and bacon, cupcakes....
8. Pete's ridiculous amounts of glee at having built and successfully launched a smoker.
9. Eating.
10. A visit with Grumpa, who helped us eat and drink beer.
11. Spending time with our "townie" friends and kids, relaxing.
12. Sleeping with the windows open....and finally taking the extra blanket off the bed.

I wish that I could say I stayed home today to extend the weekend just that much longer, but no. I spent a largely sleepless night last night struggling to breathe and was too banged up to drive down to Salem today. I also needed to bring the Lou to have a very swollen bug bite checked out (it was nothing to worry about), so we "ditched school" (her words). I'm still wiped out, with a sore throat and aches, but I think by tomorrow I should be back in action. It's been a crazy couple of weeks though, so I'm not all that surprised that my body rebelled and demanded another day off.

And now it's a really short week. Excellent.



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Meatballs for Cinco de Mayo

Kind of funny, but I realized when I was typing the date. I have a soft spot for Cinco de Mayo- one of Pete's and my earliest dates was on May 5th.....13 years ago. Wow.

Yeah, so in honor of um, Tuesday, I made meatballs this morning. Working late tonight means I'll miss dinner, but at least it's practically ready for Pete and Charlotte.

I like to bake them, mostly because this way I don't have to scrub grease off the stove.
I did not, however, make sauce. Bless you, Paul Newman, wherever you are.
Yummy. I held back and did not eat one now. I can wait.

At some point I should probably get dressed in something appropriate for work. I don't think yoga pants and a Marine Corps T-shirt will be okay. Can you feel my enthusiasm? Be jealous of my many reports and meetings today....and let's just hope I get through this term start without making any students cry (not everyone can react stoically to bad financial news).....



Monday, May 04, 2009 which it's Monday again

It started out a fairly busy weekend- we had teeball first thing, followed by a short visit to my office for me and Lou. Then I got a haircut. We ended up in Rye in the afternoon for a barbecue with the Warrs and the Sylvias.

The game

On the beach- high tide.

Lou and Ryan
Back at the cottage....

Stair steps: Matt, Lou, and Ryan
It was good to be exactly where we were upon getting the news I got on Saturday...comforting to be in a place where I can't help but be relaxed, and with people I love. Not that home would have been a bad place to be, but there is something about salt air and the crash of waves that settles me.

Yesterday I didn't do much. I had plans to run errands but just wasn't feeling it. I eventually headed out and wandered downtown- sat for a bit at the cafe with a latte and my book, then poked in a couple of stores. We're planning to rearrange the living room, so I was eyeing a few pieces of furniture, measuring (and taking pictures with my phone) and scheming. After that I went to the grocery store....alone. That never happens.

This is the scene shortly after my return:
We had a yummy dinner of steak tips, roasted potatoes and corn on the cob (which it just seems way too early to eat)...and then hunkered down to get some rest. It's a new week.....I hope there's very little drama in my day today. Since it's term start, though, I will maintain realistic expectations!