Monday, May 04, 2009 which it's Monday again

It started out a fairly busy weekend- we had teeball first thing, followed by a short visit to my office for me and Lou. Then I got a haircut. We ended up in Rye in the afternoon for a barbecue with the Warrs and the Sylvias.

The game

On the beach- high tide.

Lou and Ryan
Back at the cottage....

Stair steps: Matt, Lou, and Ryan
It was good to be exactly where we were upon getting the news I got on Saturday...comforting to be in a place where I can't help but be relaxed, and with people I love. Not that home would have been a bad place to be, but there is something about salt air and the crash of waves that settles me.

Yesterday I didn't do much. I had plans to run errands but just wasn't feeling it. I eventually headed out and wandered downtown- sat for a bit at the cafe with a latte and my book, then poked in a couple of stores. We're planning to rearrange the living room, so I was eyeing a few pieces of furniture, measuring (and taking pictures with my phone) and scheming. After that I went to the grocery store....alone. That never happens.

This is the scene shortly after my return:
We had a yummy dinner of steak tips, roasted potatoes and corn on the cob (which it just seems way too early to eat)...and then hunkered down to get some rest. It's a new week.....I hope there's very little drama in my day today. Since it's term start, though, I will maintain realistic expectations!

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