Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Meatballs for Cinco de Mayo

Kind of funny, but I realized when I was typing the date. I have a soft spot for Cinco de Mayo- one of Pete's and my earliest dates was on May 5th.....13 years ago. Wow.

Yeah, so in honor of um, Tuesday, I made meatballs this morning. Working late tonight means I'll miss dinner, but at least it's practically ready for Pete and Charlotte.

I like to bake them, mostly because this way I don't have to scrub grease off the stove.
I did not, however, make sauce. Bless you, Paul Newman, wherever you are.
Yummy. I held back and did not eat one now. I can wait.

At some point I should probably get dressed in something appropriate for work. I don't think yoga pants and a Marine Corps T-shirt will be okay. Can you feel my enthusiasm? Be jealous of my many reports and meetings today....and let's just hope I get through this term start without making any students cry (not everyone can react stoically to bad financial news).....

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