Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holiday weekend

12 great things from this weekend:

1. Golick's for ice cream Friday night. I mean, really. You have to start it off right.
2. Catching up with family and celebrating Emily's upcoming marriage. Good times.
3. Visiting with the Warrs at Rye...it's kind of tradition now that we see them most every holiday weekend. Just happens that way.
4. Marveling at how much our last batch of seeds have really taken off....soon we can add to the sweet peas and nasturtium in the raised bed under the maple tree. AND we can plant the sunflowers...so excited for that. And tomatoes! Yeah!
5. Drinks under the maple. Ahhh.
6. Soaking up the sunshine.
7. Cooking. Turkey burgers, caprese salad, pancakes and bacon, cupcakes....
8. Pete's ridiculous amounts of glee at having built and successfully launched a smoker.
9. Eating.
10. A visit with Grumpa, who helped us eat and drink beer.
11. Spending time with our "townie" friends and kids, relaxing.
12. Sleeping with the windows open....and finally taking the extra blanket off the bed.

I wish that I could say I stayed home today to extend the weekend just that much longer, but no. I spent a largely sleepless night last night struggling to breathe and was too banged up to drive down to Salem today. I also needed to bring the Lou to have a very swollen bug bite checked out (it was nothing to worry about), so we "ditched school" (her words). I'm still wiped out, with a sore throat and aches, but I think by tomorrow I should be back in action. It's been a crazy couple of weeks though, so I'm not all that surprised that my body rebelled and demanded another day off.

And now it's a really short week. Excellent.

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