Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Dirt Chronicles continued

I finally made it out to do some weeding on Sunday. I really hate weeding, and I hadn't attempted any at all in a few weeks. Charlotte helped for a while, pronounced "this is boring" and wandered off to ride her bike. Yeah, no kidding. If I mulched maybe I wouldn't have so much grass to pull, but the smell of bark mulch really bugs me and now I guess I have a mental block against it. Probably going to look into alternative mulch though, because I think I hate weeding more than I hate sewing seams in my knitting.
For a while I also tried to take pictures of this blue jay that thinks he owns my yard....but while he's not afraid to hang out looking for his breakfast while we're outside doing stuff, he seems to have a radar for my camera. I'll get him sooner or later. This afternoon he was hopping along the picnic bench, bold as hell, then off around my raised beds....all this while I was inside the house.

Pete planted the raspberry bushes for me Sunday afternoon....while I napped. Yeah, trying to get your kidlet to nap, only to succeed in getting drowsy during Pippi Longstocking and dozing off is sort of sad. But the catnap was not a bad thing.

He also got the smoker ready to go.....but more on that later.

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