Monday, April 13, 2009

Blah Monday....but Easter pics!

Great weekend, tough re-entry. Nothing out of the ordinary, I just wasn't feeling the being at work today. I was sleepy this was chilly....and I forgot my camera....and also forgot to even snap a crappy cell pic. Thus the previous post. Yeah, I cheated. BUT it took me over 100 days. Not even I thought I would get that far!

We did lots of cleaning and organizing, largely in spaces that no one who doesn't live here will see....which is actually fine. General housecleaning? That can wait. (Notice a pattern?) Then on Sunday we had Easter with the Nasons- brunch up in NoBer and headed outside for some fresh air...much needed with all the rain lately.

Such a good day. Then Lou and I snuggled on the couch and read books while Pete prepared to bottle beer. After the bottling, we had this dinner:
Oven-fried chicken and veggies. Leftovers for lunch were the high point of my day prior to 5:00!

Now I am sleepy again, and I haven't touched my knitting in days, so I think I might put towels in the dryer and retire to the couch....or bed.....whichever. Tomorrow maybe I'll get my lazy self on the treadmill again before tumbling into Tuesday and whatever it may bring...


sri said...

Good times! Love the picture of Pete and O.

Lori said...

Yes, I do good. :)