Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fall Start Numbers

Days I worked last week: 6
Students who attended orientation at each campus: 50 (not good)
Accountability meetings per week: 2 (per campus)
Days I locked Lou and myself out of the house: 1
Meals eaten (by me) per day: 2.5
Nights I could not sleep and so watched the convention coverage: 3
Speeches that made me cry: 2
Stories I read to Lou tonight: 3
Weird work-related dreams this week: 3
Weird non-work-related dreams this week: 1
Flower beds in desperate need of weeding: 2
Loads of laundry done: 5 (good!)
Personal calls made: 0

Total hours worked this week (by 4:30 tomorrow): 50
Days off after that: 3!!
Loveys to spend time with this weekend: at least 2

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, my poor girl! I wish I was close enough to help.