Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hee hee, part 2

The mysterious, net-looking pictures that I put up a few days ago...they were of a scarf, a birthday present for my dear far-away Sri.

I'm so glad she likes it...a blogger/knit designer in California had posted a picture of hers a while back, and I thought, hmm. I followed the link to a company in Menlo Park, CA called Bella Knitting. They have very cool kits for unusual projects, including the Peek-a-Boo scarf. I knit Sri's using a bamboo yarn, which I have wanted to try for ages. They send a coordinating silk scarf along with the pattern and yarn. It's my first (very basic) lace project and was challenging without being too complicated, and lots of fun!

Here are some pics of me with the scarf....Sri's are better, but in mine you get to see me in my jammies.

So now I've moved back into the Land of Basic Garter-Stitch Baby Sweaters. My poor brain, full of budgets and schedules and students, cannot handle much more complicated work than that. I have seaming to do on another project, but I do not hear it calling me.

We're having a tired, sweaty day here in Dover. The Lou woke up way too early this morning, so Pete and I are Zombie Parents. Uuuhhnnn. Braaaiiins. There's the added bonus that I worked today and will work again tomorrow...yikes. It's the most wonderful time of the year. [Imagine me singing like Perry Como.]

Not much else- had pizza with the McGoughs last night, and it was good catching up with them. It was nice that because Ella is so potty-focused, Charlotte felt compelled to visit too and did well. Today she is wearing big-girl panties. Such a big girl.

I am looking forward to sleep, on a new pillow (!) in our air-conditioned room....

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