Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ah, weekend

The pace around here has become more frenetic Monday through Friday....this weekend we had not much planned and decided that we really needed it.

Yesterday was a day for yardwork and errands. All the rain over the past week or so was great for growing flowers and grass.....and for growing weeds. So Lou and I weeded and watered our beds. Some of the transplants from the circular bed did not do well, and were pulled as they were D-E-D dead. We also discovered the presence of what I think are Roses of Sharon in the side yard, which we hardly ever use. Hmm. With a good privacy fence to block the view of the crazy traffic, and a little bit of thinning/TLC for the plants, maybe we can start using that side too, as kind of an oasis. It does get nice and sunny.....

Pete did ridiculous amounts of mowing, mow mow mow. And then:
My two loveys.

Pete took Lou to the hardware store while I visited a few favorite haunts in Dover. I had picked up some yarn for one of my next projects only to realize I had about half what I need, so I headed back to Spinning Yarns for the rest. I brought my sweater to show Margot and she not only gave me a useful tip but also the little kick in the pants to keep it going. It's my first sweater for myself, and despite the wool/mohair/angora blend she insists I'll be wearing it in August "just because". We'll see.

Here's the picture from the book (for Mom, cause you asked and I was able to get a decent shot):

I am loving this pattern. Norah Gaughan is a genius. All those maths! This is a fantastic book, and you would think I wouldn't need any other patterns ever. Here's the big blue heap:

I hope to finish soon, not least because my next two projects are more summer-appropriate.

I also made it to the consignment store in downtown Dover, as well as Just the Thing! which I love. At the consignment place I found two skirts for summer on the cheap- for less than $20 I figure I can always repurpose the fabric if I decide it's just not me. One of them I plan to dye. We'll see how that goes. And then I found:

Pete was psyched. His Manville is more of a workshop than a bar, but a man still needs his Irish whiskey shot glasses.

Today we had waffles out on the picnic table, hit the grocery store and just had a quiet day at home. We had talked about going to see the Serfs in Rochester, but the passing thunderstorms sort of put an end to that. So we've been playing inside, I've done some knitting, Lou's worn some costumes, Pete's worked on the jeep. And tomorrow is Monday. Shhh. Maybe Monday will take care of itself.

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