Saturday, October 03, 2009

Busy busy

Wednesday I left work early for a doctor's appointment...and when I got home Pete had already disconnected the old stove. Would I like to help him move applicances? Do I have a choice?

Old stove, moving out. Some of the objects located: wooden puzzle piece, pen, cigar cutter, barbecue tools(!), hair elastic.
New one, on deck.
Installation. This followed the obligatory trip to Homey D for additional supplies and one to Kendall Pond to pick up pizza.
[There are no pictures of the moving of the couches, which happened yesterday after work. I'm just glad that's over, and that my husband never made good on his threat to saw the old couch in half with a circular saw.]


Anonymous said...

Nice ! Now go and buy a new oven mit !!!!!...ang

Lori said...

HA! Your brother-in-law thinks we should just get a pair of welding gloves. I am thinking the new ones should be black.