Saturday, October 03, 2009

Just stuff

When we got home from CT last Sunday, I felt like making (and eating) soup. I just realized that these are the last pictures I have of a cooking project on the old stove. If I sound nostalgic, I'm not, really. I am seized by irrational glee just walking by my new stove. But would you like to see me make Potato Florentine Soup? Of course you would.

Onions, maybe three? And I didn't cut myself.
I cooked them in olive oil with rosemary. Ten minutes, covered.
Potatoes, peeled and diced. I think I used 8 medium-sized.
Then the potatoes go in, with a quart of veggie stock and a teaspoon of salt. Note the presence of Big Blue....I love that pot irrationally.
Next, my assistant and I remove stems from a metric ton of spinach.

This is the face of a good little helper.
Once the potatoes are tender, we remove half of them and puree with 2 cups of milk, some black pepper, 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar cheese, and 3 oz of neufchatel.
Meanwhile, the spinach goes in the pot and the pot gets covered....until the spinach wilts a bit. You are also supposed to add chopped fresh basil and parsley. I had neither of these things, so I used a few tablespoons of "Italian Herb Medley" herb puree in a tube. Cheater!
Then we stir in the puree, and heat through.
Have some bread too, why don't you? (Don't let her fool you; she did not care for the soup.)
Yum yum yum. Moosewood good!


tina said...

I like that you call him Big Blue- I think I will start calling mine Big Orange(especially because Scott always snickers when I say dutch oven)

beth said...

Ok..which Moosewood? That looks good. I just made a simple broccoli soup and it is the first soup, beside the potato/leek that the girls actually enjoyed, kind of...

Lori said...

T- that's so Scott. :) I think a pot like that deserves a name!
B- it's from New Classics....I've never done anything from that book that didn't turn out great. Charlotte just seems resistant to soup, not sure why?

ADayInTheLife said...

That looks so good. I am available to be your soup tester :O)