Wednesday, April 07, 2010

6 am

This is how early I need to be awake to find any time for writing (or the treadmill, or reading, for that matter). It's actually kind of nice today- the gathering dawn is gray out there, but I'm curled up here in the warm glow of one lamp.

Today I will need to go with the flow. Follow the to-do list, in order, but be flexible. There's always something on fire- or, that needs immediate attention- so why allow sudden change to derail the day or the mood? It's only work.

Last night I left work early-ish for me on a Tuesday...I stopped just over the bridge to take pictures of the dusky world around me.

Maybe today there will be more sunshine. But no matter. Here are five things I plan for today:
  • A productive day at work, without drama.
  • Time with the family tonight- dinner with the girl, seeing the man when he gets home.
  • Some house stuff (laundry, tidying of piles...). Leaving it all for the weekend just puts a damper on a few days off.
  • Working on Lou's sweater.
  • Early bedtime, for once.
  • Keep looking around....spring is everywhere!


Nancy said...

Nothing more comforting than being curled up in bed watching the sky as dawn approaches, yet nothing more exhilarating than being out and about as it rises :)

Lori said...

So true! :)