Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not yet!

I've gathered up the last shreds of the silence this morning and am hoarding them, jealously guarding them, keeping them to myself. No, you may not have them, they are mine. If I sit here quietly with my coffee....I might be able to write and read my book for a little bit! Perhaps not.

4 more days of chaos till vacation, which of course means that the list of Stuff I chip away at day in and day out has to be gone (more or less) by Friday. Somehow, though, I opted to take the girl on a long walk before dinner last night, and to read until I fell asleep instead of working. Now that's progress!

It's been so beautiful out, even on the windy days, I just don't want to miss anything. In no particular order I have been soaking up vitamin D, making plans for my garden, having cocktails outside, playing wiffle ball, sleeping, opening windows in my house and then shutting them again before the heat kicks on.

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