Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ella's party

We went to Ella's 5th (5th!) birthday party yesterday- a princess/fairy/fairy princess celebration. The kids made fairy plates and built fairy houses, dressed up in beautiful clothes, and ate the best fairy birthday cake ever. Fun fun!

The Fairy Princess Loulou:

Inspired party planning by Aunt Bethy! I have more pics but will post later. Today the Lou and I are just not sure what to do with this beautiful day. We have to stop at Target, but other than that and the usual mountains of laundry (thanks to potty-training), we have no plan. Maybe we'll just throw some stuff in a bag and wander....


Barngirl said...

So glad you guys could be there. I was a little foggy with the cold but on reflection it was a fun party.
Lou was a beautiful fairy and the girls fairy house was fantastic.
I will be posting. Still recovering!
Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Lori said...

Glad to share....hope your recovery from the cold is done soon.