Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's Wednesday

...which means it's not Monday. Some good things about Wednesday:

10. It's not Monday. That bears repeating.

9. I am working in my office in Portsmouth today, which means a short commute, and the possibility of Getting Something Done.
8. Going to work at 11:00 means that I can blog, and that I can call my eye doctor and my doctor to make checkup appointments (long, long overdue).

7. The sun is shining. It's a beautiful sunny day, with a breeze and just the right temperature.

6. The Lou was happy when I dropped her off at school. She and Ella headed for the cars, talking about how they plan to have a sleepover.

5. I heard from my friend Amy yesterday and we are going to get together soon. I can't believe it's so long since we've seen each other. Although, she just had Nathan two months ago, so yeah, I can.

4. We are nearing resolution on Pete's Smashmobile situation, and it's not as bad as we thought. The insurance came through.

3. Memere and Poppa will be coming to visit sometime soon....

2. Potty training is going very well- we're really coming along! Very proud of our girl.
1. The Lou's beloved Ms. Lisa will be babysitting one night this weekend! Woo hoo! I am hearing good things about Christopher's Third Street in Dover- good food, not too stuffy. It will be fun to try something new.

Happy Wednesday! This means YOU!

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