Monday, May 28, 2007

Beach baby

Our trip to Rye was just awesome. We spent some time on the beach, me chatting with Mo and taking pictures of the kids, Pete and Gardner collecting wood for a fire we never ended up having (next time!). Ryan is fearless when it comes to the water- it was only about 65 or so and the water was much, much colder, and still he ran in and out of the ocean in his windpants and T-shirt, up to his chest. Charlotte ran in and out and around in circles, and then they both circled me and Mo, laughing like crazy and trying really hard to get us as wet as they were.

Back at the house, we had some snacks and enjoyed the sunshine and good company. (And just for Sri, pics of me and Pete too! Love you!)

A perfect day at Rye: sun, breeze, good friends, Gritty's Vacationland and steaks from the Meat House. MMMM.

Today: a visit to North Berwick and the attempt to extend the long weekend/mini vacation as long as possible! I am looking forward to our three day, yes, three day workweek. Oh yeah!

1 comment:

Sri said...

Thank you for them pictures! Love seeing the fam...
Miss.Loulou is getting to be such a big girl.
If she came here nothing would stop her or anyone else from being in the water for hours. When it's 80 degrees outside, it's 70 in the water.Divine!