Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day

A great visit to Maine. Cocktails, yummy grilled chicken, beans and salad on the deck. Love the deck and its breeze and its green leafy view. I think I will live there.

Whoo-cold! Sassy Ella, and what/who is missing from this picture?

Beth smiles nicely. I have a cheesy cocktail-drinkin' grin.

Gardening is serious business, Ella the ham, the Lou.

Summer is off to a running start! I think everyone must be feeling it, since at work today, no one
who was scheduled to come in to see us actually showed up. Hmm. Given the choice, I bet I could have found other things to do too.

As I drove home over the bridge, windows open and the radio on, the smell of the air itself just drained any stress from me. The sun was sinking lower in the sky, the traffic thinned since it was 7 pm, and I headed home to my little nest. I love this time of year- right on the cusp of the new season, where every 90 degree day is matched by one just a little too cool for shorts.

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Sri said...

Thank you SO much for all these wonderful pictures.It makes the distance shorter and love stronger.
Phil and I miss you all...