Friday, May 18, 2007

Wha-what happened?

Where did this week go? Last thing I knew, I was driving up 495 on Sunday, and now it's Friday night. What a long week. Lots of exhausting stuff at work, resulting in me, in my PJs, on the couch, reading/napping/knitting/all of the above till bedtime. Yikes.

Crummy weekend coming up, weather-wise, but good things nonetheless. I got my hair cut tonight- the usual cut, but I love it. I love going- my hairdresser Trina is just wonderful. Tonight she showed me pictures of her sister's biker wedding in Oklahoma last week. She's fun, and she gives a great haircut. Plus I find it so relaxing to just sit and have someone else wash and comb and dry my hair. What a good way to end the week! Tomorrow Charlotte and I are meeting my friend Amy for lunch or coffee or something...not much time left before her baby comes, so it will be a great opportunity for a visit before then. Also on our agenda this weekend: library, finger painting, bathroom cleaning, and revisiting my knitting "project punchlist". I have certain things that I really need to move on from, mostly because I hate sewing seams with the burning fire of 1,000 suns. Okay, maybe not that much.

We had a great visit with Memere and Poppa last weekend, although we missed Pete/Daddy very much. Highlights:

Blowing bubbles

Exploring Memere and Poppa's yard:

Trying to bring all the dandelions home (Poppa's idea):

And just having some cuddle time with Memere:

We also went out to breakfast. Loulou and I love going out to breakfast. We are easily led into any place that serves breakfast, and yes, our affections can be bought for good pancakes, bacon (just the right combination of greasy and crispy is best, but I turn no bacon away), and COFFEE. But this is not news to most people.

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