Monday, June 25, 2007

Ah, vacation....

A day at home doing 500 loads of laundry / grocery shopping / generally trying to forget I had to head back to work today. Then a day back at work, and here I am. The was a great time. We swam, we worked on a 1,000 piece puzzle (without much success until Holly came along). We read, we read to the kids. We played many games of Uno (mostly, Ella beat us). We had a Summer Solstice party. We had fires in the fireplace and on the beach, where many s'mores were consumed. We made margaritas and gin and tonics. We talked and talked, and we sat and watched the fire. And we laughed. All good.

Tuesday afternoon



I sadly have nothing after Thursday evening....since I made a crucial error when deleting old picture files off the memory card. Um, yeah. I didn't delete them, and ran out of space. Call it my Homer moment: I am so smart! S-M-R-T! So there are no pictures just yet of Old Macdonald's Farm (Charlotte: "No, goats! No lick my mama! Shoo!") or our trip to the ice cream trolley. Fortunately, there's the film the Peter-man shot.

And of course, a huge huge thank you to Pete and Holly, who watched the small Nasons so that the big Nasons could go out for dinner and drinks Friday night. Nothing like sipping a cosmo on the terrace under the trees.

I did not want to leave....I especially did not want to leave once Molly started calling, "Bye Charlotte! I love you!" and crying. Of course, the crying could have been because she was told to keep her fingers away from the car door, but still. On the way home, Charlotte asked, "Are we going back to the lake now?"


Sri said...

Sounds like the perfect vacation with the family!
Cheers to good times, good booze, vacations and family.
Thanks for all the lovely pictures...

sri thumati said...

By the way, LOVE that picture of Molly leaning on the table. It's like she's advertising for cuteness!
Who is the talented photographer?

Lori said...

Ah, Pete is the talented photographer. It could be an advertisement- "Cuteness. You should go get some. Now."