Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weekend in the woods

Finally posting about our camping/wheeling weekend. We had such a good time! Washington NH is more or less in the middle of nowhere. There's really no large town that it's near, although the birthplace of President Franklin Pierce is one or two towns over. Really, that's the claim to fame. There are huge signs and everything.

Mostly, it's just beautiful green wooded land and farms. It would be so cool to live out there, but where would you work? We could retire there, but I expect by the time I am old and rickety the last thing I'll want to do is tear around back roads in the snow all winter or take care of ornery goats and fight off black flies all summer.

Our camp

Have homebrew, will travel

Saturday morning, more people arrive

On the trail: the view from the passenger seat

More of my view. A bog (we were on Bog Road, oddly enough), and mud on the

Apparently the Class VI roads used to be main drags at one point in time. They're bordered by stone walls on each side, 25 feet apart. Also, there are blackberry bushes everywhere.

Carter Hill Road. This was probably the most challenging part of the ride for those who drove. The picture does not do it justice- there are BIG rocks everywhere. Very tricky.

Coming up the hill. We were second in the line and got up the hill without much difficulty (go Pete!), so I took lots of shots of everyone else. Pete and some friends guiding others up, the biggest pickup truck ever, our friend Aaron.

Getting unstuck (Pete in orange shirt), it's coming right for us!

I found that, a lot of the time, the camera did not keep up with me in terms of how quickly I wanted to take pictures. Still, not too bad. Practice, practice.

We headed home Saturday night once the second thunderstorm started. Camping is less fun without a fire, and the lure of showers and our own cozy bed was just too great to stick out the second night in the tent. Nothing like a warm shower and bed when you're wet, muddy and covered with bug spray.

The Lou had lots of fun with Aunt Beth, Uncle Steve and the girls. Another huge thank you to the North Berwick Nasons (especially Beth) for taking good care of our girl!

It's good to be home again, planning our next adventure. I have to say that it was very cool getting to see Pete in action: helping organize the event, assisting others in last-minute Jeep fixes and with getting through the sticky parts of the trail ride. He even planned out yummy camping meals for us. Just another reminder that my husband is a true Renaissance man and a very cool guy.


Beth said...

You and Pete get the ole' cheek pinch from Steve and I!

Sri said...

What a wonderful weekend you guys!
Good to see pictures...and so many of them...
Go Pete!