Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pleased with myself

I made some little sweaters for my friend Amy's baby, who is coming around mid-July, and whose gender is as yet unknown. I am just so proud of how well they came out.

They close with little ribbon ties:

Detail around the neckline (made by increasing the number of stitches):

And a tiny sleeve cuff!

I am generally not very good with project timetables. It's why I now start things way in advance of when I need them to be done or make things a size up from where I will need them to be (Charlotte's sweaters). Sometimes that works well...sometimes not so much. I still have not completed a baby gift for a friend's child who was born last
October...and I started it in the one year size.

I wonder about this inability to complete projects. It's not just the knitting; there's house projects and yard projects as well. It's partly that I get distracted by other things, or that sometimes my life moves too fast. That's a goal for me this summer. I need to slow down and just appreciate the time I have to do the things I enjoy with the people I love, and not be running around like a maniac trying to do as much as possible in the minimal time off we tend to get from work in the summer.

One of the women I work with has parents who emigrated from Greece before she was born. She was raised in the US but has spent tons of time in Greece, including going to high school there. She says that in Greece, a person gets a month off each year, and most people take the time all at once and in the summer. Doesn't that sound amazing? What would I do with a whole summer off? Food for thought.

I am so looking forward to vacation! Not much longer....

And for those who are thinking, "Less jibber-jabber. More pictures of the Lou,"


Sri said...

I love your rant and rave, and pics of the Lou ofcourse. Super cool sweaters, by the way. I'm thinking of taking up sewing pretty seriously (just need a good sewing machine). I've tried knitting so many times but I don't think I have it in me.
But I know who to go to when I need a knitted garment. :-)

Lori said...

Sewing is very cool. I wish I had the patience to do more than simple curtains...there are so many gorgeous fabrics out there. I love to go to the Fabric Company in Portsmouth and pet them.
If you want anything knitted, you let me know! :)