Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Dover Hillbillies (and friends)

Set it and forget it!

Poolside...beauteous girls!

Beth's red cup contains homebrew: Blonde Ale.

Yeah, we park on our lawn. That's how we roll...when we're, um....not rolling.

We had such a great day. What started as an idea that Pete wanted to try and a chance to hang out with the Littlefield-Gouds just grew......Who else is around? Why don't we tap the keg? Wow, it's Friday night and we're only sort of prepared...but you have to love when it just comes together like that. There's not much better than a beautiful day where you can sit in the yard, laugh with friends, drink good beer and eat yummy food, and let the children run around like mad, entertaining each other.

The beer was really good, perfect for a summer party held outside, and the turkey was fantastic. We had great snacks and sides (love the friends!). I had a loss with the honey whipped cream for the cupcakes, but recouped with cocoa grandmother's recipe with the addition of a little cocoa powder. Just a hint of chocolate without being overwhelming with the sweet banana cupcakes.

As for the glamour shots of the bird, I was misinformed....I was told that someone had taken pictures of it with my camera prior to carving. Alas. You can only imagine the glory that is the brined, trash-can-cooked turkey as it sits on the stove awaiting the knife. Those who hovered nearby were rewarded with wings, and in one case, part of a leg. O, the humanity!


Sri said...

Looks like we missed out on some yummy turkey and some great homebrew...hope you thought of us.
Miss you all :(

Lori said...

We did...we were definitely missing you both! :(

Eric said...

We all had a blast. Beer and food were great. Couldn't have been a better day. Kids were talking about it all day today.

Thanks again!

Beth said...

Good times!
Ella told G'Ma about her new friend "Maddie". Nice.
So we on for next weekend?????

And I, for one, was happy to have more homebrew for myself with 2 Nason Men missing-plus Sri...she is such a booze hound.

Sri said...

Hey now, Beth you're supposed to keep that to yourself, gilr!