Friday, July 13, 2007

Pete's Day

  • Drove mah jeep to work
  • Left work early
  • Bought a turkey
  • Bought charcoal
  • Bought loggin boots
  • Brined the turkey in Coca-Cola in an old bucket
  • Tapped a keg
  • Set a fire in a trash can in my driveway
"I feel like a hillbilly, with the exception that I went to work."

That's MY man. Trash can turkey and homebrew tomorrow.


Beth said...

ummmmmm and why aren't we invited???
I know all your hillbilly friends are coming-and we would just embarrass you.

Lori said...

Of course you are invited! You are always invited here....especially when hillbilly activities are on the agenda. Plus, trash can turkey just has a certain know you want some....

Sri said...

I want some Nason homebrew :-(
You could ship it y'know...

Lori said...

Hmm....shipping homebrew...there must be some way to do that. Or, you could put in a request now and either we could bring it to you in the fall, or it would be ready for Thanksgiving. I'll put a bug in his ear!

Sri said...

You're a gem!