Sunday, July 08, 2007


It's Sunday morning. The Peter-man has gone off to a roadside cleanup, and the Lou and I are still in our PJs. The roadside cleanup is a Jeep club event- in the name of giving something back to the community, they maintain a section of Route 4 between Northwood and Chichester, picking up trash and putting it in bags for the state to pick up. Some people even bring their kids- they wear orange vests and all that (of course, these kids are older than the Lou, maybe 8 and older).

So he's off being virtuous, and we are sitting around watching the end of Peter Pan (Lou) and drinking coffee (me). In a little while we'll do some cleaning, and then some grocery shopping.

This has been a crazy week. I've worked so much....but we've had fun too. Wednesday we visited our friends in Dover and celebrated the 4th. We played outside until the rain came, and the girls splashed in the water table while the adults enjoyed a few beers and chips and salsa. Later, the neighbors set off some fireworks (amazing what the average homeowner gets away with firing off from their yard in NH). A good day for a holiday that fell smack in the middle of a workweek.

Friday night we had a yummy dinner of ribs and cornbread and crisp in NoBer. See Beth's blog for the pictures...nothing I can say can do the meal more justice than those pics. Although I will add- what an awesome thing to be invited to Friday dinner on a Thursday night, and to be taken care of- just bring yourselves, and here, can I make you a gin and tonic? Love those Nasons!

Yesterday the Lou and I went to the library and then to see Amy, who is due July 12th. No sign of the baby coming early, although s/he is running out of room to move in there. She's looking forward to his/her arrival, to say the least. We stayed for maybe an hour or so, then left so that Lou and Amy could have naps.

Other things...Pete and I have finally entered the 21st century...our new phones arrived on Friday! The top two are the old, old ones.

Mine even takes pictures! It's so sad that I am so enamored by a phone, especially considering that I don't consider myself to be a gadget person in any way, and I even had Pete pick the phone out for me so that I wouldn't have to deal with it. I'm also psyched that I can talk on my phone without having to roam the house, searching for a signal.

Some random pictures from the week- my two handymen, er, girls, er, whatever

Flower/princess/ballerina Lou


Also! When we were on vacation, it came up that AIM is somewhat compatible with iChat? Is that right? Well, I am logged into AIM pretty much all day every day because of work, since it's an easy way of communicating between departments and campuses without disturbing the student in front of you. SO....if you want to exchange logins.....I'll send you mine if you send me yours. Ew, that sounded weird.