Friday, February 01, 2008

D'oh! or, I am so graceful

Rocky start today. Fridays I leave an hour earlier than usual since our office hours begin at 8. Pete brings Lou to school but I still have things I need to run around doing....and this morning I maybe should have slowed down.

It was dark in the bedroom when I grabbed my shoes, so I ended up with two left shoes (fairly ironic) and had to head back upstairs before leaving. I was carrying only one book (small, paperback), and one clog when I approached the stairs. These stairs are steep, and not carpeted.

Feet fly out from under me. Thud! bouncebouncebouncebouncebounce.....ow. I am now 3/4 of the way down. "Mama, what happened to you?" I fell down the stairs. "Why you fall?" Because I slipped. "Lou, why don't you go give Mama a hug and see if she's okay?"

"You okay Mama?" Yes, I'll be okay. I have a boo-boo on my elbow, but I'm okay. "Okay Mama. You carry me downstairs now." Sigh.

I have two giant painful bruises. One is on my elbow, and I am sure you can figure out where the other may be.


Beth said...

YIKES! Glad that it wasn't worse.

sri said...

Good grief, woman! Slow it down...please.
I would have preferred that you went to work with 2 left shoes :)

RD said...

Here's a morning tune...
Wake City - Ken

the roe family said...

OH! i hate that for you lori. but your sweet little lou was looking out for you.