Thursday, January 31, 2008


It's a much better day today...I did manage to get a good night's sleep on my clean sheets, and wow. I actually felt rested this morning! The morning was somewhat relaxed- as much as it can be getting myself and a three year old ready- and I noticed an impossibly blue sky as I settled Lou into the car to head to school. She was happy to see her friends and sat down with markers, paper and scissors to make stuff.

I had a peaceful drive down to Salem this morning, drinking coffee and scanning through radio stations. Heard a great song on FNX: Catherine Wheel and Tanya Donnelly doing "Judy Staring at the Sun," which I haven't heard in forever. It reminded me of being in college and discovering new things- music, places, ideas.

Work is going along today, nothing unusual or too stressful, although I did get news that one of my favorite colleagues in Academics will be leaving us next week. She is one of those people who is truly here for the students, and is always really team-focused. She's always good for a funny story or for ensuring that those who do extra work or handle a tough situation get acknowledged, which is sadly rare here. I will miss her terribly, and I think the place will be worse for her departure, but better for her tenure here.

Here's a picture of Lou. Not from today, but because it's fun:

She had her annual checkup on Tuesday....33 lbs and 37 inches tall, right on track! She actually grew 2 1/2 inches in the last year, such a big girl. She also had her first vision and hearing tests (using the eye chart and the little beeping machine) and was agreeable to that. All is good, although she is quite disappointed that she doesn't get to wear glasses like me and Pete. I was so proud that she was able to wait so patiently- the exam room was hot as blazes and I think there were more sick patients than they expected because we were there forever. I could hear a baby crying in another exam room and remember all too vividly the days of more frequent checkup visits and vaccinations and crying....I used to nurse Lou to calm her after her shots, and I remember that so vivdly too. It seemed so long ago.

Later that night, as Lou was fighting bedtime, I sat beside her bed and stroked her hair and face as she drifted off. It's only when she sleeps now that I see a strong connection between this fierce, beautiful little person and the baby I rocked and nursed and changed. My heart swelled, and I hoped that I will have a chance to go through it all again....


Beth said...

I kind of love days like that. The melancholy, the beauty, the comfortableness of life.

Good stuff! Good post!

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