Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow day (but not for me)

We are in the process of getting around a foot of snow here. Upwards of 600 cancellations here in NH....but I will have to head into work at some point today. Lou and I are home, since her daycare did not open. We've been keeping busy- a bit of TV, some lunch, and some painting on her new easel from Memere and Poppa.

I have been amusing myself "measuring" the snow and considering the ridiculousness of my trip to Portsmouth later this afternoon. Here's our yard and driveway at 9 am:

And at 11 am:

Lou is still recovering from being sick, I think- she's fairly tired and a bit grouchy. Perhaps a nap is in order. Perhaps Mama needs one too....then playtime in the snow!

1 comment:

TMOY said...

Lucky girls- painting, naps & snow!
Wish I was there with you two!