Saturday, January 12, 2008

Birthday pictures

The NoBer and HF Nasons (minus Grumpa, who got stuck at work) came over for pizza and cake. Yay!

Decorating the cake

Cousins on the loose! Molly plays the Kazoozamaphone (no lie, that's what it's called)

Lou opens gifts. Lucky girl!

Aunt Bethy
Look closely. You will see tired Ella.

Aunt Sri holds a noisy baby

Happy Birthday to Lou...

Hey! I'm talkin' here!

The family....we eat, we drink, we talk. A lot. Also, small girls love Uncle Phil. He's fun.

Huge shout-out to the Nason clan. Although it was a last-minute kind of party (since Lou has been sick we really couldn't plan), you all came....we love you!


The NoBer Nasons said...

Not a thing...she is so worth it!
Glad we could be there!

i am not glad however about the picture of me where I look constipated...sigh...

Sri said...

I'm glad we're all close enough to do these impromptu things, especially when it involves cute little girls!
Phil & I would have missed ANYTHING to be there. Thanks for making it happen :)

Lori said...

Good times. And Beth, I don't think you look were mid-sentence!