Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sleeping vs. knitting

I did not end up going in to work yesterday....there was not enough going on to warrant it. Instead, we all got into our jammies and hunkered down once Pete was done with the snowblowing. After Lou went to bed, I settled in with a glass of wine, my cabled mitts and this: I was only going to watch the second disc (just over 2 hours), but between the knitting and the story I was up way past my bedtime. So good.....Damian Lewis is absolutely brilliant. The characters are so wonderfully complex and the costumes are just amazing. I am a sucker for period pieces, much to Pete's chagrin.

Now I am tired! And I am here at work for the evening term start. Oh well, it's only one day. Lou had a good morning and was excited to be going to the new classroom. Ella was psyched to see her.

Now to get out into the sunshine for a bit!

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Kate said...

Oh my goodness I LOVE the Forsyte Saga. Apparently this one is a remake of one from the 70s (which I haven't seen). I watched this one on PBS and got completely hooked. Now that you mention it, I might go rent it, as it's been a while.