Monday, January 07, 2008

You are old, Mama Lolo

Today pretty much sucked the life out of me. You would think that I might have learned from my academic experiences (long ago though they are) not to procrastinate. But no. Thus I spent all day today working on stuff I do not like- personnel evals. No bueno.

I left work late- 7:00- and grouchy. But the most wonderful thing happened: 2 miles from home I thought of my Lou, and my man, and I felt better. Lucky, even. Even though all I could do for the first 15 minutes I was home was to smile stupidly at them. No matter what, I am a mother and a wife and that is everything.

Lou has had her bath and is singing away upstairs. Pete's on the phone with a friend we've been out of touch with for a while. I'm drinking a beer and ignoring the fact that my back and shoulders ache. Tomorrow is another day, and it will be a better one, I know.

Here's Breakfast Lou:

And me with my new scarf

More glamour shots of the beauteous scarf (it's all the yarn, people, I am just the conduit)

I still fear the lace. I didn't block this aggressively enough- should be more open, and you should see the leaves- but as it is the thing is 72"x6".

What else? Well, tomorrow is
All right, so it's not, it's the primary. And maybe after tomorrow, these people:

And these people:

will stop calling my house!

Lou and I will be voting....maybe they'll even give us a sticker.


Krissy said...

Oh hot damn. That scarf is amazing. I just picked up knitting again (as you read) and tried my first three rows of ribbing for the bottom of a hat. HAHAHAHAHA.

To recap: I'm in awe of your mad skilz and I wish I had a scarf that cool.

Regarding the primary on behalf of all Americans: Vote well, please!

Lori said...

Aw thanks. I really did swear quite a lot during its construction, but I love it. Totally worth it. I only wish the skilz paid the bills, know what I'm sayin?