Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's been a while. I really, truly am a giant slacker. The only excuse I have: winter. I have been in what a friend of mine calls "hibernation mode". I think my hibernation mode may be more quiet and insulated than hers, but hey. Everything is relative, right? Right.

Not much going on....Pete's been fighting off the same cold again and again, despite Zicam, getting plenty of sleep and eating well. Lou has been adjusting to life as a big kid in the preschool room. Her adjustment means we are back in bedtime hell: it's either a struggle when she goes to bed or she gets up stoopid early in the morning. Ack. This too shall pass, but is no fun.

And me? Well, I am tired. Work is at best dull and at worst frustrating and stressful. I had three terrible tension headaches (two of them migraines) over a 10 day period (also not conducive to blog posting). Have I mentioned that winter is not the best time of year for me? Um, yeah. Wake me up in April.

I've been mulling over a post I read recently, about goals/aspirations vs. a to-do list. I am the queen of the To-Do list. I come by it honestly; I can remember my dad and his little notepads with destinations and tasks noted neatly. I truly don't remember when I started making lists, only that I too carry a small notebook filled with everything from grocery lists to web account passwords to last week's errands. I've become more reliant on the list of the moment since becoming a mother; there are only so many things I can remember at any given time.

I think it is too easy to get bogged down in what needs to be done, or as PW says, "we humans....sure know how to complicate life". This week I decided to make my usual list, but to also make a list of goals.

Well. It's now Wednesday....I thought I had set some attainable goals but I am in the same rut. Feeling too tired to get on the treadmill, too lazy to get stuff done around the house, too grouchy to make phone calls. Here are some goals for today that I can manage, I think:
  • Fun with Lou again tonight. Last night we did marching band around and around the house, played dollhouse (I always have to be the brother, and he is not allowed to sleep in the bed or play with any of the toys) and tucked all the babies in before getting our jammies on. We also read all about how Pippi Longstocking went to school for a day.
  • Quiet time relaxing with Pete. I was out at Craft Night Monday, and he had jeep bluc stuff to take care of last night, so we could use some time together just hanging out. Maybe even a movie: I got King Kong and Zodiac from the library, and we have the 5th Harry Potter.
  • Clear off the kitchen table. There is so much junk (bills, junk mail etc) on it that I feel my will to live draining when I look at it.
  • Change the sheets. I haven't been sleeping well; I always sleep like a baby on brand-new sheets. Little things, you know?

I'll report back tomorrow on how I did. I know you will be on the edge of your seat!


Kate said...

I completely understand what you mean. I think this time of year is pretty dreadful all around - easy to get the blues. I'm a listmaker too and lately the only list in my head is of things I should have done and haven't yet... so I am going to follow your lead and do some simple things today (including fresh sheets! I forgot how much of a difference that can make) and see if it helps.
I hope your goals help you feel better!

Phil said...

Maybe you and Pete should go to a night bluc or join a hunting bluc(sorry, just had to had to get ya). I did not like KIng Kong. I await your review.

Lori said...

Kate, I think the simple things are helping! and I'm glad it's not just me in a funk this month. I hope today is better for you too!
Phil, I should have known it would be you who would notice that....still haven't watched King Kong due to getting sucked into Lost. So the jury's still out on that one.

sri said...

ahh...hahaha....Phil just showed me the 'bluc'. know you love us!