Thursday, January 10, 2008

Poor Lou

Miss Lou has been home the past two days. She's got some kind of coughing/fever bug that is knocking the stuffing out of her. Poor kitten.

Yesterday she had tiny bursts of energy, where she played with puzzles or put all of her dolls on a blanket on the floor ("They're having a picnic, Mama.") She spent most of the day on the couch with her many babies. Today has been much the same- although she did play trains with her daddy for a while, she ran out of steam and is sniffling miserably on the couch with a blanket.

I always thought, when she had colds or whatever as a baby, that it would be so much easier once she could talk and tell me what was wrong. Nope. There isn't that helpless wailing, but it's been replaced (in this case, anyway) by a sad whimpering and lethargy. Sometimes it's still hard to know when to take her to the doctor, when to just keep her at home, when to have her go to school knowing that it's just a little cold. That's motherhood though, isn't it? Learning, learning, hoping that you don't make too many big horrible mistakes.

She'll be fine. Tomorrow she'll probably head back to school, for her first full day in the "big kids' room", armed with her spare socks and underwear and her birthday cupcakes. But for today, she's my sad, sick baby, who will snuggle with me but insist upon wiping her own nose.


Krissy said...

"but insist upon wiping her own nose."

If you live at our house the rest of that sentence is, "on my shirt".

I'm so sorry that poor little Lou is under the weather. Please give her many Disney and Pixar movies and let her eat ice cream and drink juice.

Thank you.

Lori said...

Ah. Usually it's on her sleeve...sometimes it's wiping a miniscule droplet on a tissue and then getting a new one.
Poor thing- all she wanted for dinner was bread. And chocolate milk. And PBS kids....hours and hours of it.