Sunday, January 06, 2008


Oh, January. It's cold (wind chills below zero this week), there are Christmas tree needles all over my house, and I lack motivation. There was more Christmas to write about- we had a great time at the Flatbread Company and later our house with our Nason peeps the Saturday before New Years....somehow all the pictures I took of our Nason gathering disappeared and that sort of took the wind out of me. It was great to have everyone in one place, eating and talking and drinking and opening presents. We've decided to make the gifts for each other next year, so we all picked a name that night. This way we each have a whole year to construct gifts. It should be lots of fun...

New Years was at the Littlefield-Gouds, then carting a tired Lou home way past her bedtime. Pete and I were in bed before midnight, and he barely stayed awake till then. New Years Day we had lunch over at the McGough's, since they were back from Florida. We watched the snow fall (and fall), the kids played and later we watched the Wizard of Oz. It was a good quiet end to the vacation for me and Lou.

It's been a short week but sort of long, with adjusting to being back. Nothing terrible, just getting used to being on a timetable again etc etc.

So. Here are some happy things:

Lou playing with her puzzles yesterday. She has grown so much lately, it is hard to reconcile this small person with the baby we brought home from the hospital almost three years ago. She will begin the preschool program (3-5 year olds) on the 14th, and I am just so proud.

My current project. This is my first real foray into lace knitting. I have really been soothed by the beautiful colors as they pass through my hands, although it has been challenging. Or as Pete says, "Are you going to work on your swearing project again?" The yarn is Koigu Premium Painter's Palette merino, sock weight. I would be embarrassed by how much it cost, but hell. You only live once. And if I do get another go-round, I'll probably opt to come back as a goat (thus no knitting).

Today I block the lace, so I'll post more later. I think Pete and Eric may be taking the girls sledding today, so perhaps I'll have a bit of time to myself. Whatever shall I do? Some ideas:

  • Long walk
  • Start my next project (those cabled fingerless mitts)
  • Grocery shopping, alone
  • Library?

We shall see......

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