Monday, February 04, 2008

Fun with the Lou, the Boo and the Moo

Yesterday Ella and Molly came to visit us. They made cookies with us (gingerbread, at Lou's request) and stayed for lunch and through the afternoon.

There was princess dress-up too...the third princess insisted on staying upstairs.
After lunch we played hide-and-seek and tag, and drew with chalk....lots of fun. I was missing my NoBer Nason girls. We even played a little Junior Scrabble...which made me think of their grandmother. No one played Scrabble like Mona- I think Pete and I had been dating for maybe two months the first time she wiped the floor with me. Man, she was good.

After Steve came to pick the kiddos up, Lou and I made taco dip and got ready for the Super Bowl.

Let us not speak of it further, only to note:
  • The agony of defeat can be eased somewhat by taco dip.
  • Lou insisted upon changing the channel as the first quarter was coming to a close. (She watched A Charlie Brown Christmas upstairs instead, and was in bed before the 3rd quarter ended.)
  • Little Manning played a good game for himself. I still think his brother is a goon.
  • March Madness approaches....


Beth said...

OH great pictures!
Thanks for sharing. Ella said it was a great time but "tough because she was so tired after." HAHAHA A good time was had!
Thanks again!

Sri said...

Little Manning provoked Phil, and for that I'm not happy. I'm also not happy because there is now a wounded wall where Phil punched it after the dreadful touchdown.
It was a sad household in Arlington on Sunday night.
Enough about that.
Pictures of the girls is just the right kind of remedy.

Krissy said...