Saturday, March 01, 2008

My Love-Hate Relationship

In the interest of health and sanity, I've had a standing date with this fella every morning at 5:30. Oh, man. Here's the thing with me and exercise: I dread it, put it off, don't always love it while I'm doing it, but (total cliche coming, wait for it) feel infinitely better afterward. I have not quite made it to the point of running; I need to find a suitable device to support my bad knee first. Such issues, eh?

One of the perks of being awake so early: seeing the sky turn from deep blue-black to the brightness of early morning. It's peaceful, and quiet once I turn off the iPod and stagger out the back door into the clear, cold air outside. It helps keep my mornings calmer.

Now it's been proven that I need 7 hours of sleep to be a fully functioning member of society. No more, no less. So my necessary early bedtime has seriously cut into my blog posting/reading/commenting time. Tsk, tsk. We here in Dover yet live, and are well- short of a cold we're fighting off. Maybe I'll get back to posting regularly. Maybe.

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sri said...

Hey! Phil got me onto Cheese Monkeys too. Tell us what you think of it.