Monday, March 24, 2008


Yesterday we went down to MA to spend Easter with the Aldens. You know it's an Alden holiday when there are multiple dinner tables. There was ham and lamb (go Bonnie and Pete!) and a chocolate bunny lollipop at each place (of course). There was lots of talking and laughing and wine.

At one point, with the pre-dinner chatter at a fever pitch, I sort of stood back and listened. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but this is my family and I found a sort of peace in just soaking it all in: the uncles on the deck, the cousins having a drink and catching up, Aunt Bonnie in her apron making everything happen, 25 or 30 people all talking at once, my youngest cousin and my Lou chasing each other round and round the house, my grandma and Aunt Bonnie's mom talking and surveying it all.

There was also an egg hunt this year. Dave pointed out that he feels the hunting of small, foil-wrapped eggs indoors to be more satsifying.

Hmm. I think the kids would have been happy either way. And this way we were forced to get some fresh air.

Who knew my brother was the king of egg-hiding? I nominate him to coordinate the egg hunt every year from now on.
Look! two Steves. And one is taking a picture of me. Or something in my general direction.
Here is one of our favorite people, Scott. He is one of the few that Lou will willingly share chocolate with.
Carly and Lou hunt for eggs. Or, Carly helps Lou hunt for eggs. She's a sweetie.

Everyone loves an egg hunt.

Then back inside, to take pictures of sleeping family members. One made me promise not to post her picture.

But another of my favorite people!
And now for dessert. Because we should all eat more, of course.

Lou and her Memere

We headed home as it was getting dark. Lou fell asleep in the car and with a bit of tired whimpering made it right to bed when we got home. Whew!


Tina said...

Thank you so much for the awesome Easter review!!! It's almost like I was there :) Especially with the comment about 'peace among the madness', I feel the same way. Can't wait to see you guys...

Lori said...

It's a strange thing....I am glad someone understands. :) Missed you Sunday....can't wait to see you!