Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I just shake my head

Very frustrated today at work. Sometimes the rubbish involved in being the manager gets to me; sometimes it's just basic customer service annoyances. Today it was corporate BS.

All I can say is that it all gets reduced to numbers. Which is fine, since that is part of business, and I deal with money, blah blah blah. But the numbers should at least be accurate. I don't find it in the least amusing when people thousands of miles away presume to know what my department is and is not doing based on some report that does not even fairly represent that nuances of creating and maintaining budgets for students.

Here is how I felt most of the day:

Or maybe, more accurately, this:

When I get home, I am so eating ice cream.


beth said...

Yikes...was that the day I called you all giddy and stuff? If it was, you probably wanted to slap me.
Work Suck!

Lori said...

No, that was yesterday. I think you called me Tuesday.
No worries! Ice cream makes it all better.