Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

So here's the snow that kept us out of CT this weekend (post-snowblowing):

Dreary, gray. Blah. Definitely not a foot of new snow.

We did very little yesterday: some laundry, some Guitar Hero (Pete has moved on from Easy to Medium, I am stuck at Easy. There's a joke there, I know). Grocery shopping. We did some reorganizing in Lou's room; we still need to move the trestle/changing table out, but we're almost there:

It's fun to see her reaction at fully converting this room from a baby's room into a little kid's room...she loves to play in there, which is great. Now if only she would love to play in there at 6:30 on Saturday morning. Oh well.

Although I am still not feeling 100% better, today we made cookies, because I promised we could this weekend. We used Nigella's basic Cut-Out Cookie recipe from Feast and it was fantastic. We even frosted them using spring colors.....come on spring!

Note the stylish matching aprons, and the fact that I only bothered to clear off half my kitchen table for this project. Mother of the Year! When you are overcome by your messy house, the only solution is to make a new and bigger, better mess that you will not be able to avoid cleaning up. Go ahead and use that one in your real life. You can thank me later.


The NOBER Nasons said...

Molly was sure she was in these cookie making pictures-but we cleared that up, but we were still wishing we could have some of those yummy looking cookies. The room looks great!

sri said...

Spring is here soon...I promise :)

Lori said...

The cookies are yummy....and Lou was wishing she could decorate them with her cousins. We'll have to get together for baking and mess-making soon.

TMOY said...

Is that Franny on the Lou's bed?

Lori said...

It is. Sometimes kitty friends are allowed to hang out in the Lou's room. It's only on her terms, though.