Monday, March 03, 2008

It's Monday all over again

So I stood up my frenemy (the treadmill) in favor of sleep this morning. I blame this guy:

I have managed to get sucked in, which I suspect is exactly what Showtime wants. Sorry cable company, you are not going to get me. I can wait....I will not be adding services in order to keep up with Dexter. Although he did keep me up too late last night.

Some happy things for a Monday morning:

  • The sun is shining! And no snow or rain on the forecast for today.
  • The Lou was happy at drop-off today. Her friend Ella was at the computer playing a Clifford the Big Red Dog game, and she rushed over and joined in.
  • My cold appears to almost be gone. I cleaned my desk, phone etc and made a cup of tea with honey and lemon, and I almost even feel chipper.
  • And these little guys:

John Thomas and Maxwell William, my cousins' twins. Born February 14th. Their mom carried them about to term (their due date was the 27th)- what a warrior!


sri said...

Dexter got us too...thank god for TV shows on DVDs.
Tea with lemon and honey is the best!
Those twins look absolutely adorable, and I'm glad to hear you're better :)

Phil said...

I'm very happy to see you're reading 'The Cheese Monkeys'. Hope you like it.

beth said...

Well, that is some cuteness right there. Congratulations to your cousins. babies-sigh...

Lori said...

Oh the cuteness. Had to share.
And Phil, I do really like the Cheese Monkeys so far- I'm only about 1/4 of the way in, and the characters are just bizarre and fascinating. It's kind of fun reading something I find not at all predictable...I don't have any idea where this is going, and I am liking that.