Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have been waiting for the winter blahs/numbness/whatevers to dissipate. Every winter I say I am going to take up some outdoor activity to lessen the impact of the "Winter of My Discontent" effect, and every year I do not. Let's face it; I do not like to be cold. I like to be cold and wet even less. There it is. Next year, skating? The Lou might be ready. She displays a bit more coordination than Pete and me, but that does not really say much.

So. Pete gave me a book for Christmas that I've been browsing through again:
It's a translation of a Japanese book from a few years ago...all of the stuffed critters inside are actually made from cotton socks and "work gloves". Hmm. It helps that the animals are in amusing poses. I really like the shot of the monkey wearing a striped turtleneck. "He looks like he was just released from prison," said one of my friends at work. "Now all he needs is a cigarette hanging out of his mouth." Not so appropriate for Lou, maybe.....

So I am thinking about stuffed critters. I am thinking about the ball of Reynolds Cashsoft DK (cashmere/microfiber/alpaca) that is supposed to be a pair of fingerless cabled mitts for a friend:
Well, she might get them by her birthday (which is in a month), anyway.

I am also thinking about bread. About oatmeal bread, about no-knead bread, about cinnamon-raisin bread. I am thinking about open windows and maybe even washing them. I am thinking about 50 degree days, a whole string of them. I can see some of the earth in my yard now.

Come ON spring....I need to get out of my jammies and off my rear end!


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phil said...

Lori, if you can hear me, it's time to update the blog.