Monday, January 26, 2009


Yesterday I was going to post about our weekend, about catching up with friends. I was going to post pictures of Lou's birthday party at the Children's Museum with the school friends. And I will write that post, just not yet.

Friday night, someone I grew up with passed away. He was the son of a person dear to my heart, my mother's best friend and my other mother growing up. As kids, his sister and I were good friends, but with time and different schools and interests we grew apart, as people do. Our parents have been friends for probably thirty years, and through the "news bulletins" that you get from your mom when you've grown up and moved away, I hear the family updates.

He was a loving father of two teenage children.

The family he leaves behind is devastated.

Please say a prayer for the family to whoever you might pray to (if you believe in such things). Even if you don't, hold a good thought for them, and for my parents as they support their friends through this difficult time.

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