Monday, January 12, 2009

Recent projects

Other than the Bonnie scarf, I've finished a few small projects lately...

Sri's Christmas gift....Aria from Knitting New Scarves

It's meant to look like seaweed, with the ripples along the sides. I've seen it done in blues and greens, and it's definitely more reminiscent that way. But these are more Sri's colors.

My new hat...Koolhaas by Jared Flood. 50/50 wool/alpaca warm!

(That last one taken very late at night after finishing, thus I look like the wrath of God.)

And a gift for a small person, which still needs the right buttons....3/8" probably.

Another one! Enjoy how surly I look. It's my cold talking. Also, the hat's not really that shiny, it's just the flash.

Now moving on to the next list is growing. The more time I spend prowling ravelry, looking at patterns and yarn and other people's projects, the more I plot and scheme....but I have plans for the giant haul of yarn I brought home from the Spinning Yarns New Year's Eve sale....ahh. One of the few things I love about winter- lots of knitting.

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