Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I spent most of last week fighting off the ick. It started probably the Thursday night before the birthday weekend, and by Sunday I was just not up to full speed. Still, there was cleaning and groceries and family coming for Dia de los Loubys, and well, we soldier on. It was worth it, absolutely.

Monday and Tuesday were term start, so I worked Monday night and felt godawful. By the end of both days I could not even really speak without a horrendous hacking coughing fit. Did I take a day off? Nope. Too much to do...I know, ridiculous. I just launched Operation: Fight Off Germs.
  • Water. As much as I could stand.
  • Emergen-C. Twice daily. Sometimes co-workers have different flavors and we can swap.
  • Echinacea/goldenseal capsules. 2 capsules, 2-3 times per day.
  • Mucinex. My best friend.
  • Sleep. As much as possible. Sleeping in favor of laundry, cleaning, working and more or less anything else. HA!
By Friday I felt better, even chipper. Which was good, because I had plans! dammit. We met with Lou's teacher during naptime to go over her annual assessment, which was great because, honestly? it's always nice to see that someone who is neither family nor friend thinks your kid is fun to have around, a good kidlet and right on track. Then cleaning and laundry, then out for dinner with a friend I have not seen in ages.

Saturday we were expecting Tina and Scott for the day, so we ran some errands and did some general household stuff before they arrived. It was a really good visit, the kind where you're sad when it's over and are already planning the next one. I wish Providence and Dover were 10 minutes away. If anyone wants to make that happen, I will owe you big.

Sunday it snowed. We didn't do much- played outside and attempted a nap, then ate leftovers (Pete made THE most amazing porchetta on Saturday....yum yum yum). It was a quiet day before the holiday.

Now, I knew I had deadline-based work that needed my attention, but I also was not about to change the fun stuff in my weekend to write performance evals (yup, again. I don't learn from experience!). So that was yesterday. Short of a three-hour lunch break, a trip to the grocery store, and dinner/bedtime, I worked all day. Bah. My own fault, I suppose.

Now Lou was feeling some cold symptoms around the same time as I was, last week. Just some coughing, sniffles, sneezing, nothing out of the ordinary. Over the last two days, however.....blammo! Wet, uncontrollable coughing, getting rid of various icky things, inability to sleep....so last night I ran the shower and tossed in one of those tablets that release "vapor". This "vapor" is supposed to relieve congestion. Then I gave her more cough medicine and put that vaporub for babies on her chest. She fell asleep quickly and slept all night.

But this morning she was NOT well rested. No. She was lethargic and HOT. We had more cough medicine and ibuprofen and stayed home, until we went to the doctor. She noted that Lou's chest sounded "crunchy", which I believe to be solid medical terminology. We left with a diagnosis and a prescription.

Bronchitis? Really?

There has been someone sick in my house for over a full month now. I think that the CDC will show up any day now to take up residence in my driveway. I would like to open every window and spray every available surface down with Lysol.

Instead, I will enjoy another glass of wine and think, "well, at least she should be better before the weekend...."


Sri said...

Man, sounds like the house needs a thorough cleaning off of Pete's
month-old germs!
Hope you all feel better.

Lori said...

I know! I have been cleaning and cleaning, but I think we need a good airing-out. Maybe this weekend...

tina said...

Crunchy is definitely one of my fav descriptions of lung sounds :) I hope Scott and my germs weren't responsible, but we really did have a great time- I wish you weren't so far away, too.

Lori said...

It's a good one. :) No, I am thinking it was Pete's and my germs that sealed the deal. I really hope we've all been sick enough that we get a pass for a while!