Sunday, March 08, 2009

Goodbye, weekend.....I'll miss you....

So I really should be in bed, but I know it's going to be another one of those nights....where I won't sleep and when I do I will have weird mishmash dreams involving cousins singing at nightclubs and coworkers on TV in Pepsi commercials. I'm tired but the mind, she just keeps going. Here's more random stuff. Let's start with all the things I did not do this weekend:
  • Clean the house. There was no vacuuming, no dusting, no washing of floors. Nope. None.
  • Shop for food. Nope. I picked up a few things on Friday night, but really there needs to be a full-on trip so that we're not scrabbling meals together using odds and ends of frozen vegetables and canned fruit. Cause no one needs to sample pineapple-cauliflower surprise or anything equally nasty.
  • Deal with the clutter (largely paper) that fills the downstairs of the house. Same for the clutter (largely clothing) in our bedroom.
  • Pay my library fines. It's just embarassing now. Not the total amount, because I've paid bigger fines, but the fact that it's been almost two months since I've been able to borrow anything. I might just mail them a check rather than face the disapproving eye of the grouchy librarian.
So what did I do? Lots, it turns out. In no apparent order:
  • Made honey pound cake and frosted it with honey-cream cheese frosting. Yum.
  • Did at least three loads of laundry. Yay!
  • Caught up with friends today- lunch and shopping with Lauren and then takeout at the McGoughs' tonight.
  • Helped the Lou clean her room and put away lots of stuff that had just been hanging out in the living room.
  • Sewed in the ends (finally) on one fingerless mitt and started knitting the other.
  • Signed the Lou up for T-Ball.
  • And....went down to Uxbridge to visit with Grandma/GiGi for the day!
Saturday morning: downtown Dover
From the car: heading across to Portsmouth and the highway

Lou and GiGi. I had to cut a deal for this I am not allowed to ask her to smile for a picture for three days (well, two after today).
This one she asked me to take.
And the self-portrait....just because...

One more week until vacation. Just five more days. I can do eeeet!


Anonymous said...

Great pics Lori. It's a good thing we didn't go , Pat and i are now sick. ...ang

Lori said...

Ugh....not good! I guess it really is better that you stayed home- we'll plan another visit soon!
I hope you feel better...try to get some rest, huh?